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Welcome! I'm Ewelina

Let me guide you in a healthy and balanced pregnancy. My aim is to prepare you for motherhood and accompany you in this exciting journey of new life development. Happy Mammas was born here! I offer you the nutritional support based on real food in all the phases of motherhood and I promise to make recover your energies and nutrients after  birth. You are not alone!

I am a professional chef and I am about to graduate in Dietetics and Nutrition with an ecological approach at the Roger de Lluria Health Institute in Barcelona. I offer you FREE TIPS on how to feed yourself and your baby to get the maximum benefits and be a happy mom.


  • Do you feel anxious because you want to get pregnant but feel that physically and mentally you are not ready?
  • You are confused which food to avoid during pregnancy and which are “safe” but may not be nutritionally​ dense for you and baby?
  • You feel like you’re riding the roller coaster called “pregnancy” suffering from nausea, back pain, digestive problems, insomnia, continuous fatigue and don’t know how to solve it in a ​natural without harming your baby?
  • You eat “for two” because your mother (or grandmother) tells you so and you feel more and more confused looking at the weight scale asking yourself if it’s the right approach?
  • You don’t know which lab tests need to be done and supplements to be taken during pregnancy and lactation?
  • You feel exhausted after giving birth, you lack energy, time to sleep and don’t know when and how to get rid of those excess pounds gained because of eating for two during pregnancy?
  • You find yourself overwhelmed to nurse a baby and doubtful if the way you feed yourself (if you remember to do it) supports your baby

You have arrived in the right place. I have so much to share with you!

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“Healthy mom, healthy baby” I believe there is no better phrase that defines my community of Happy Mamas.   I would like to show you how your baby develops inside and outside of your womb and how you can support it through balanced nutrition. My intention is to publish in my blog the articles that accompany the other women during the various stages of pregnancy and lactation in order to feed themselves and their babies in an optimal way and prevent the most common pregnancy complications. What’s more! With the balanced nutritional approach, you first have the power to change the world taking care of your future’s baby health preventing epidemic like diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. With my recipes, I want to inspire you and show you an ​easy, quick and nutritious​ way to make your pregnancy and future motherhood a peaceful place, where to grow your baby health and feel yourself full of vitality.

Discover what I want to share with you in my blog


  • Targeted advice on foods that promote fertility.
  • Nutritional and emotional health accompaniment during different stages of pregnancy. I’ll show you how your baby develops and how you can help him with feeding
  • Foods that can help you have more energy in breastfeeding and some tricks to have a balanced diet in this wonderful stage


  • Planning and organization of the dispensation before, during and after pregnancy
  • Delicious dishes that you can eat with one hand (when you support your child with the other)
  • Recipes for pregnancy based on real food that bring all the nutrients essential for your baby’s health


  • Natural treatments to alleviate the typical pregnancy disorders (nausea, vomiting, constipation, acidity, etc.)
  • No toxins. Green solutions for home, food and personal care before and after the arrival of the child
  • Muoviti per due. Esercizi in gravidanza e recupero pelvico in postparto

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