How to rest, recover and gain energy

Can cereals be a healthy breakfast?

INthis post I want to explain you why breakfast is the most important meal during the day and its quality counts for your wellbeing while you are pregnant or breastfeed. I will show you how to make the right choice (as not all breakfasts are the same) and give you...

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Why postpartum recovery and diet are important?

IN this article, I want to guide you in the food choices during postpartum to make you recover energies and nutrients lost during the delivery and to prepare you physically and mentally for lactation Are you ready? Let's start! If you follow the below advice, not only...

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Probiotics in pregnancy: all you need to know

IN  this article I want to explain to you why consuming food rich in probiotics in pregnancy can influence its outcome. I also guide in the list of food that will make your gut very happy and will reinforce your baby's microbiome What you will learn in this post, will...

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