Nutritional advice and recommendation for future moms

Why sugar during pregnancy can harm your baby?

IN this article I want to talk to you about the number 1 enemy of pregnancy, sugar. Too much sugar during pregnancy not only causes excessive weight gain and difficulty to lose those accumulated pounds after pregnancy, but it is also associated with health...

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Probiotics in pregnancy: all you need to know

IN  this article I want to explain to you why consuming food rich in probiotics in pregnancy can influence its outcome. I also guide in the list of food that will make your gut very happy and will reinforce your baby's microbiome What you will learn in this post, will...

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Ultimate guide how to boost microbiome in pregnancy

DO you know what gut microbime is, why does it play an essential role in your child's health and how can you help to keep it balanced? In this article I want to present you what are the serious risks to your baby’s metabolism when his microbiome is altered and why you...

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Is vegetarian diet safe in pregnancy?

  IN this article I want to show you what are risks for you and your baby when you decide to follow the vegetarian diet in pregnancy. What you learn in this article will allow you to have a clear vision and detailed information on the macro and micronutrients...

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Nutrition for her and him for getting pregnant naturally

IN this article I want to guide you in nutrition to get you pregnant naturally and to enhance future father's fertility. What you will learn in this post are natural foods and supplements that will help you conceive sooner rather than later without incurring to...

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