It’s even more important as we plan to be a parent or we realize that the small bean we carry inside us during pregnancy is totally dependent on our nutrition, health and lifestyle. Visualize how you want to be , how do you want to feel, how do you want to live your motherhood in all its phases and moreover imagine your baby while, month after month, develops his little body, his vital organs, his eyes, skin, heart, and this everything because of your choices you make before, during and after pregnancy…

I am here to guide and accompany all present and future moms in this wonderful and unique life’s stage with my delicious and nutrient dense recipes and nutritional advice for balanced pregnancy and sustainable lactation . Remember, a well-nourished and healthy mother is just as important as a ​healthy child. I promise​, you will be doubly happy!

Ewelina Szpilska


I’m Ewelina and I’m very happy to welcome you in my community of all Happy Mamas! I’m an advocate of eating real food and living a good life. In my eyes, there is no other way to live! I have a background as a chef and I’m just about to graduate as a dietitian and nutritionist but my real school is my life experience.
Everyday, for as long as I can remember, I’ve put my energy and passion into my own health and healing and I want to share it with all pregnant women, creators of new life because I am convinced that together we can change the world. Every pregnant woman has the power to deeply influence the life of the baby she is carrying, thanks to the conscious choices she makes during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

How? Through nutrition of body and mind.  And here comes my task to spread the nutritional information that will ensure a healthy and balanced pregnancy and give my support to women in the most powerful and most vulnerable moment of their life, on the threshold of the new motherhood.

I write articles on nutrition for preconception, in pregnancy and lactation explaining why conventional guidelines are what they are and where there is room for improvement. I try inspire you with with delicious healthy foods that support you and your baby during pregnancy and lactation and teach the well-being of motherhood without deprivation based on the natural maternal instinct.

How I got here?

I was born in Poland and since my childhood I was lucky to be fed with real food. My grandmother was the first teacher who taught me the importance of healthy and genuine food made of fresh and real ingredients that could have been found in her wonderful garden. At my early 20’s I moved to Italy where I experienced the explosion of tastes, flavours and aromas of the Italian cuisine made of incredible variety of recipes. In Italy I began to understand that cooking can be delicious, fun, varied and above all healthy at the same time. I wanted to know everything! And so I obtained the title of Professional Chef specialized in Italian regional cuisine in the European Training Center on Maggiore Lake. Now my vision was to create dishes from which I could derive the maximum nutritional power for my body without giving up the taste because feeding yourself is a great pleasure when the food brings you energy, supports your body and your mind, when it is your medicine. But I was missing a piece to complete the puzzle, my well-being or perhaps better to say the lack of it.

I have been suffering for some time from intestinal problems, I tried to solve them with conventional medicine without going deeper to the question. Furthermore, my career in the multinational company has exposed me to a stressful and irregular lifestyle concerning the way I was feeding myself fiscally and physically and depriving my body of sleep due to workload. But the truth is that I was not as conscious as I thought.

At one point my body rebelled and comunicated to me: Enough! I decided to listen to myself. And there I felt the need for change. I gave up my fixed job, an important one, and I moved to Barcelona looking for tranquillity, nature, mountain, sea, the physical well-being but, above all, the emotional one. I was still surrounded by meditarrean culture and not so far away form my beloved Italy but I needed the freshness.

And so one day I thought: “Now that I am calm and I have found peace, why not try to expand my cooking knowledge to another perspective? And so I decided to become qualified Dietitian and Nutritionist and graduate at Health Institute Roger de Llúria in Barcelona, one of the best recognized in this field in Spain.

During my education I finally understood why I suffered from intestinal problems since my childhood and why my immune defenses were so low since I was born By investigating, reading and continuing to educate myselff, I discovered that it all started in my mother’s womb. It was a combination of factors that exposed me to the diseases that forced me to receive high doses of antibiotics for the first 3 years of my life: a diet based mainly on carbohydrates, an imbalance of my mother’s intestinal microbiome (and consequently mine) due to antibiotics that needed to support her pregnancy, C-section (which actually  saved my life), too short period of breastfeeding and the too early introduction to supplementary food.

Today I am here to share the message that nutrition in every phase of motherhood, the quality of the micrbiome that a woman enters into pregnancy, the choice whether to breastfeed or not and the lifestyle of the future mother count both for her health and for her baby.  But I also want to reassure you that I am here and I want to share with you all experience and my knowledge acquired in the field of dietetics and nutrition to support you in this wonderful journey called motherhood. Together we can do better. My goal is to bring prenatal nutritional advice to light and offer an easy-to-follow guide to making the best food and life choices during pregnancy and to ensure your baby can obtain the best nutrition right from the very beginning.

Some facts about me and my nutritional approach before, during and after pregnancy.

  • I have changed the place I call home three times. I was born in Poland, I used to live in Italy for 12 years and now I’m in Barcelona. This continuous mix with different cultures, observing different food and lifestyle habits, testing “on my skin” what works allows me to have a real life approach and a more global view of what is understood by “healthy and balanced nutrition ” I share this vision it in my posts, reflections, recipes and guides.
  • Every time I have the chance, I choose quality and sustainability in all aspects of my diet (pasture raised meat, eggs and dairy form ecological source, wild fish and seafood caught locally, I support small farmers and km0 production).
  • I’m not afraid of fat, even butter. I privilege extra virgin olive oil for raw seasonings (this is one of my Mediterranean addictions) but also other animal fats are very present in my diet (coming from healthy animals). I don’t cut the fat from the meat, I don’t throw away the yolks. This not only means that my food is delicious, but ensures that I eat and absorb all essential nutrients.
  • I never follow recipes letter by letter. I add, substitute and play with the ingredients to obtain more nutritional value and grate taste.
  • I do not follow any particular type of diet (paleo, ketogenic, Mediterranean, diet zone), I don’t count calories, but I prefer quality over quantity, real food intended as the closest to nature and the least processed as possible.
  • When I don’t do research, don’t write articles and I don’t study prenatal nutrition, I practice high intensity sports combined with sweet pilates and morning yoga movements … and I dance salsa, bachata, merengue. Here is where my true Latin nature is hidden wink

What can you find on this website?

Resources / articles / interviews on everything concerning the optimal health for mothers and newborns, such as:

  • Prenatal nutrition based on scientific evidence
  • Exercise in pregnancy
  • Food to avoid + foods to focus on during pregnancy
  • Diet for gestational diabetes
  • Postpartum recovery
  • Supplements during pregnancy and lactation
  • Breastfeeding nutrition
  • Recipes based on real food
  • … and much more